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How we work

1. Early Engagement

It’s crucial we understand each other’s expectations before investing. Contact us early on, even if you’re still unsure about funding needs. We’re here to learn about each other and build a strong partnership.

2. Business Plan

To consider your venture, we need a concise yet detailed business plan that includes your offering and target market. It should reflect your dedication and vision for your business.

3. Review and Discussion

Upon liking your plan, we’ll engage in deep discussions to assess its viability. This involves an extensive review of your offering, market, team, customers and strategic partners.


We crowdsource market insights, expertise and analysis through our vast network of partners, LPs, co-investors and industry experts to give us accurate decision support and thereby create an effective and scalable investment platform.

5. Term Sheet

After a positive review, we’ll outline our proposed investment in a clear and specific Term Sheet. This offer includes all major terms, conditions, and details of our intended investment.

6. Due Diligence

Post-Term Sheet signing, we proceed with due diligence, checking all provided information and company governance.

7. Investment Decision

The final investment decision lies with the BLING Investment Committee.

8. Our Exit

We aim for long-term investment but will eventually exit when the company eventually becomes ready for an IPO.