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BLING Capital

We turn potential into performance through equal access.

What we do

We back visionaries

Our investment approach is dedicated to back diverse founders with a vision who bring fresh, diverse perspectives to the global business landscape. 

This is what you need to know if you want an investment from us:

  • We invest in teams with at least one underrepresented founder  in Sweden
  • Our initial investments range from 100kSEK – 1mSEK.
  • No stage is too early for us to invest in. We prefer investing early and we want to be a long-term partner.
  • We look for high potential of impact, disruptive solutions and scalability
  • We’re always happy to talk great ideas with great founders.

About us

BLING Capital was established in 2022. We are a founder led investment team based in Sweden backed by a network of top entrepreneurs and investors with a global reach.

BLING Capital’s investments are guided by its main purpose: tapping into overlooked potential of underrepresented founders. We believe that there are countless opportunities that are undervalued simply because they don’t have access to closed homogeneous investor networks.

We aim to invest early and be a long-term stakeholder in businesses founded by world-class diverse founder teams that create value for people and society. We value companies with a sustainable and forward leaning business model addressing large, global markets and solving real problems.



Zero talent waste

By serving the unserved and by enabling equal access to opportunity for all entrepreneurs we tap into overlooked potential and create a catalyst for social and economical change.

Empower visionaries

Our investment approach is dedicated to empowering diverse founders with a vision who bring fresh, diverse perspectives and the potential to disrupt established norms and systems.

Entrepreneurs lead, we assist

Our role is to support and work side by side with the teams we fund. Yet, we always keep in mind that the entrepreneurs are the ones steering the ship.

A marathon, not a sprint

We consider our investments more than just transactions. They are meaningful partnerships that often originate before any financial commitment, persist during our entire engagement period, and last even after we’ve exited as investors.